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Hidden Treasures Christian School

building_small(1)Hidden Treasures Christian Schools is a faith-based development project for Christian education. HTCS began as an outgrowth of Evangelist Uchenna Bekee's concern regarding academic growth and Christian conduct, as well as a strong desire to fulfill the continuity of the faith of our fathers. HTCS seeks to provide activities to assist the well rounded development of each student; A development similar to Jesus' development in Luke 2:52 “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.”

wgcoc_visits_htcsIntellectual growth is stimulated through academic training; physical growth is provided through various physical activities; and spiritual growth is fostered through religious training and worship periods. Students at HTCS are encouraged to give their full effort in these areas. This missionary school is founded to assist poor families within the church and the entire community who could not otherwise afford to send their children to public school or private school.

In March of 2016, our very own Brother Dennis Gray (one of our elders at West Georgia church of Christ), and Neil Vines (one of our deacons) traveled to Port Harcourt, Nigeria to visit Brother Uchenna and the work going on at HTCS. They returned with a glowing report of the work there, as well as an encouraging view of the future of this effort. The report of their visit is available for view here.

Due to support throughout the brotherhood, Brother Uchenna has been able to purchase and build the school's very own property and building. The Building has been continually improved upon, including adding a computer laboratory.  There is also a new examination building being built that has been a requirement placed upon the Hidden Treasures program by their federal government. Progress of continued efforts are regularly updated via Brother Uchenna's Facebook page.

We hope that you will consider giving to help continue this effort. The can be done one of two ways. 

Below you can view some of the most recent photos sent to us by brother Uchenna.

Donate Now!

Click the link above to donate via PayPal, or make a check payable to:
West Georgia Church of Christ.

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Hidden Treasures Christian School

Checks should be mailed to:
West Georgia Church of Christ
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Carrollton, Georgia, 30112

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